Latest release version: Charm++ v7.0.0 (tar.gz)

Latest dev version: Nightly Snapshot (tar.gz)

The latest development version of Charm++ can be downloaded directly from our git source archive. To get the Charm++ source code:

git clone

This will create a directory named charm. Move to this directory:

cd charm

And now build Charm++ (netlrts-linux example):

./build charm++ netlrts-linux-x86_64 [ --with-production | -g ]

This will make a netlrts-linux-x86_64 directory, with bin, include, lib, etc. subdirectories.

Note that this development version may not be as portable or robust as the released versions. Therefore, it may be prudent to keep a backup of old copies of Charm++.


Projections is Charm++'s performance analysis tool.

Latest release binaries: Projections (tar.gz)

To get the latest Projections source code:

git clone

To build (requires gradle):

cd projections

LiveViz and Charm Debug

LiveViz is Charm++'s live program visualization tool. Charm Debug is Charm++'s parallel debugger.

Latest Charm Debug release binaries: Charm Debug (tar.gz)

To get the latest ccs_tools (includes both LiveViz and Charm Debug source code):

git clone

To build:

cd ccs_tools


Charm++ and associated software are licensed under the Charm++/Converse License