Topic Slides Further Reading
Introduction pptx pdf  
Migratable-Objects, Programming Model pptx pdf A short article about Charm
Model Contd. + Basic Charm++ pdf  
Task parallelism and grainsize pdf  
Chare Arrays pdf Basic Chares Arrays
Structure Dagger(Message coordination) pdf LJdyanmics
Dynamic Load Balancing and PUP pdf  
Static Assignment + Debugging Techniques pptx  
Load balancing, Basic Messages, LiveViz LiveViz
Using Projections, and Charmdebug Projections
Projections Manual
CharmDebug Manual
Threaded Methods and blocking methods pptx  
Threads, futures, Cth calls, and explicit suspension pptx Threaded Methods
Messages, Priorities, Groups and Nodegroups pptx Messages
Array Sections pptx  
Shared Memory within a node:
Basic Mechanisms, Conventions, Conditional Packing, Boom-arrays
Shared Memory: Charm+OpenMP, CkLoop  
Adaptive MPI, MSA  
Writing your own load balancer  
State Space Search, Divide/Conquer apps, Seed balancer,
Mixing data-parallel programs with task parallelism
Writing your own load balancer  
Fault Tolerance  
Charisma, Charj  
Application Case studies: NAMD, ChaNGa    
Application Case studies:
 OpenAtom, CharmSimdemics Interoperability with MPI